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The rule of thumb is 5 WPG, so you would need 375 watts. I would get two 200 W and place them at opposite ends.

I like Visitherm heaters, especially the rugged Stealth line.

You should also check out Big Als. They're a bit cheaper, and they aren't charging any shipping until the end of November.
I agree with QTOFFER. The Stealth is a great product. Big Al's is about $6 cheaper and they have the free shipping as QTOFFER pointed out. Plus, you will earn bonus points that can be used towards discounts in the future.
If you're running a canister filter though, you might wanna look at the Hydor ETH in-line heaters. I have just one ETH 300 (300watt) on my 75, and it keeps it a very stable temp. My tank IS on an inside wall of the house, and not in a huge drafty area, so that probably factors in a little...but the ETH isn't running non-stop so the 300 is pretty much fine on 75gal setups.
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