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EMS Chris

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Apr 17, 2013
Chester County PA
Hello everyone. I'm Chris from South East Pa. I just started getting more serious into the hobby about 6 months ago with a 90 gallon freshwater (yes, 90 gallon was my first tank). And I'm lovin it. I started a new 10 gallon tank for my daughter and just this week started a 10 gallon planted tank. Both seem to be starting smooth. I used 20 gallons from my 90 gallon tank from my water change to start the new 10 gallon tanks. I also pus some of the rocks from the 90 gallon into the 10 gallon fish tank for my daughter which is all fish to get a jump start on the cycle. . I did not put gravel in my planted tank as I wasn't sure of the way it would react with the Eco complete. Was it worth using be established water from my existing tank?
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Regarding using water from the 90, while it doesn't hurt, it doesn't help either. Ideally, you'd take a piece of filter media from the tank and seed the new filter.
It would help bacteria growth a lot. The biggest thing (and the toughest) is to be patient with adding fish. You're also luck in that area to have ThatPetPlace nearby in Lancaster, Pa. I lived in Delaware for a while and took a few trips there. Absolutely incredible variety of fish both fresh and saltwater. They are also VERY knowledgable when it comes to both as well. May be worth a trip to see what fish you want in the future and get some good tips too
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