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Richard Mott

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Dec 29, 2012
I have been browsing the different forums on this site, and am impressed with the friendliness and knowledge that those on here have. I have a 29 gallon tank and stand setup that used to be a small reef . I lost interest and sold everything in it and let it go dry. I recently cleaned it out, and have a desire to make it a freshwater tank. I have an under gravel filter, power head, gravel from a tank years ago, some deco and plastic plants. I am seriously dreading the cycling process, so haven't filled it with water. I probably just need some motivation to start the process , I incision putting real plants in it in addition to the plastic ones, but was told that with an under gravel system you can only have a few kinds that will do well. I think I want a nice community tank that will be fun to look at.
Welcome. Best way to start the cycle is with water lol. ;) It does test your patience. When I was cycling my first tank I ended up buying a seeded filter online to speed the process along.
Welcome to AA!
If your tank was salt. I wouldn't use the gravel. In this case starting new is better. You can get a nice HOB for a 29g under 50 bucks that will do the job well. Also if you want plants. What plants you go with depends on the lighting. There are a few different types of substrate. Gravel of coarse but there are new planting subs like Eco-complete. Etc.

I think while your building the "will power" to cycle. You should decide what type of tank you want. Research and ask questions so that when the time comes you have everything in place. Makes life a lot easier. Cycling isn't that bad if you do a fish less. In truth once you get the ammonia dosing accurate
Its really rather boring unless you have plants to mess with.

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