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May 26, 2022
Sunshine COast Australia
just new to the forum, been keeping fish for many many years, in the early days, imported african cichlids, and L catfish, had over 100 tanks in operation, then went into snakes and different reptiles, more recently had Discus for ahile, and freshwater Stingrays and then the wife wanted to play with Salty things,
we currently have a Red Sea reefer xxl, and a moray eel tank, thats our fav, just paid and ordered a 9x3x3ft tank to replace the red sea,,,, also have a few Q tanks and thats about it, thought I would throw up a video of the Eel tank which sits in our Loungeroom
Hope you enjoy
Man, as a huge fan of eels, that tank is top notch. Very cool setup. Going to subscribe to your channel.
Wow ! Nice setup ,… with all the tangs etc swimming around aren’t you worried about them being eaten ? And generally speaking what do you feed those guys ?
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