Hello from Indianapolis!

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May 13, 2015
Hello, all! I'm from Indianapolis and new to the forum. I joined because I'm having some issues with my fish, so expect a totally noob thread from me soon. :(

It's nice to meet you all! :fish2:
There is uncle Bills, the one up here in noblesvillle has a way bigger fish area then the ones in Indy. But other than that those are about the only good local ones. There is one in Lafayette called Aquarium World, they have a good selection, but the reef has the biggest selection over here. And they can also try and order fish that they don't have. The employees are kind of a hit or miss, some are Very knowledgeable, others are kinda knowledgeable, if you are there I'd recommend talking to Dave, he is pretty knowledgeable. Have you heard of the CCAC? It's a local Indianapolis aquarium club, they actually just had their spring auction a couple of weeks ago.

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Hello,I'm also a resident of Indy...The Reef off of Keystone has a nice variety,check em out...

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