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Jun 4, 2009
hello everyone, my family has a 55 gallon community african cichlid tank overstocked, we got a great deal on a 40 gallon fleamarket find to rehouse some of the africans. Great right! i'm trying to find a way to seal up a overflow or something thats on the top right of the tank. As much as i'd love the canister or more exspensive filters i already have an HOB 55 for the tank. Could there be a way of sealing this hole or am i stuck:confused:
I`m going to move this to the General Hardware and equipment discussion forum so you`ll get more answers. This forum is basically for saying hello and not everyone comes here so I`ll move it. Welcome to AA
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hello from michigan

hers the problem tank


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never mind the stupidity, i figured out im dealing with a reef ready overflow Read read read then re read things. HMMM, do i really want to try the saltwater tank, money tight as always but, oh the lovely reef tank i would love to have with ongoing research added
the choice is yours i made a fresh water tank then took to many trips to the lfs and after looking at the sw fish so much i have to have one.

as for the hole if your black elbow is still on like in the picture then you can buy or make a rubber clamp on plug then fill it up
thanks for the response! I'm thinking carefully about the sw set-up I'm at that point of yes i want to! We have two three FW tanks and i want to do a SW. i have the tank,filter airpumps i think i need a sump,etc
is there a way of just starting with some live rock and seeing what comes of it instant ocean also needed with a lights purchase could i be this close
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