Hello im vino

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Dec 28, 2011
The Netherlands
Hello im Vino

im 13 years old and im comming from The Netherlands
i have 1 mother 1 father and 1 stupid sister :banghead:
sorry my date of register is not correct because on some forums you have a minimum age ( i borned on 15 march 1998 )
my hobby's are : keeping fish,fishing, keeping hamster and ride on my mountainbike

Lets talk about my aquarium
Fishtank size:60x30x30 ( lengt X With X hight in cm)
Gallon : 14.2 Gallon (54 Litres)
Fishtank database
7 neon tetra ( i dont know the sex )
3 Guppie (1 baby Guppie )
1 Platy
1 Ancitrus alge eter
The tank is running from Begin April 2011

here a foto of my Fish tank:
i tell later why there are no plants

And here a foto of my hamsher :cool:

I hope you liked it. i hope we can learn of each other and make some fun two :p

Greetz Vino
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