Hello,old timer at reef keeping, newby to AA

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Aug 12, 2010
Marietta GA
Glad to be aboard! Been successfully reef keeping for over 4 years now, but was totally wowed at the weekend when I came across a 200 gallon tank that is being maintained by one of the guys that works at the Ga Aquarium. How I could do so much more with my 72 Gallon.
25lbs of namoli live rock arrived today, that is in the process of curing, and then the fun begins. I've worked out where I can suspend the rock from the top of the tank. Wish me luck (probably will happen in a few weeks once ammonia is at 0):D
welcome aboard! Next time you go to that guys house, sneak some pictures! I have been to the ga aquarium and it is extremely impressive.
I did take some photos, but they did not come out too well.(may be too much wine)
Have just put a couple of pieces of new live rock in my tank, but still more to go in. The fish were freeking out a bit so I'm going to do a few pieces at a time.
Had a death in the family, so will be returning to England for a while. Hope my friend can keep everything alive whilst I'm gone.
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