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Mar 12, 2006
Tony here from Ohio.

Back in the hobby after being out of it for many years.
Going Community this time. Never done this before. Always been a cichlid/shark man.
Got tired of my live plants being ripped out. Also tired of winding up with a huge tank and only 3 fish in it, which always seemed to happen to me.
So now it's community. Also the first time I used colored gravel instead of natural color.


Can't really see my fish here.
Neon Tetra x6
Varietas, orange x5
Zebra Danio x4
2 of those small white cats that scavenge the gravel
Otocinclus x3
6 Bright Pink somethings -lol
Velvet Tetra x5
Fat belly Molly X3

All live plants.

ALREADY dealing with ick thanks to the LFS selling me some sick Varietas.
AND a soon to be snail problem thanks to the LFS as well.
Hi Tony :wave:

That's a nice tank!

If you haven't already, read this article about ich:


Some snails can be dealt with by weighing down a piece of lettuce at the bottom of the tank, and then removing the lettuce, along with all the snails clinging to it. If you already used some ich meds containing copper, the snail population should go down.
Hi there!!! Welcome!

I am a saltwater reef junkie - just now back into the hobby after a move to a new house (1 29g reef and 2 50g one for coral fragging and one reef) but I also have a few small fw tanks one 12 g mini bow with cf lighting with live plants and 7 danios and then 1g tanks with 4 male bettas in the kids rooms.... I am planning on a freshwater planted too... I love this site! You'll gets loads of great info and meet great people too!

Years ago I had a 55g african tank... no plants, rock, slate, lots of breeding and cool fish, but I too was ready for some greenery ;)

Hate to hear you have ick... Do you have a q tank? Mayube head to walmart and purchase a cheap 10g set up so you can treat them with out harming your live plants? A lot of the meds, if not all will I think...then you could use it for any new fish to prevent them from exposing your entire tank :)

Anyhoooo... keep us posted with pics :)
Welcome to AA! I find the heat method works very well for ich. Not sure how plants do with heat. Nice looking tank.
Wow, great welcome!

Thanks! Pretty familiar with 'forum life'. Another hobby is Saab automobiles and I am a moderator at http://www.saabcentral.com.
I can already tell this will be a much visited site by me. ;)
It is awesome.
I set my tank up and was like "hmmm... I bet there are some forums out there". Google. Bam. Actualy found ACentral first but it took to long to load so I came to the next google-hit. Plus I like the forum set up better here. Nice work.

Re: Snails lettuce, I did read that but wasn't sure... wil this work if there are already live plants in there?

I used to be serious into this hobby (and will be again... we are already talking about a nice bedroom tank). I do have an old 20G-L I left in my friends basement that I could pick up. I think I gave my 2 10's away. Guess I'll pick that up. ;)

Just did the last chem treatment. Slowly raising the heat now. I keep it lower in the winter. 72-73. So I have to gradually get to 86.

Still missing a neon, I think. So much harder counting fish now. In the 'old' days I could count at a glance. ;)
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