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Jan 7, 2010
Hey Guys, my name is Jason, and I live in Vancouver Canada.
I had fish as a kid, and the tanks been in storage for 15yrs. I got interested in in fish again when my sister went our and bought some goldfish, but never set up the tank. She decided to stick them in a jam jar and deal with it after work the next day. I woke up and noticed the fish where dying and rushed to the fish store, bought some supplies and pulled the ol' 10g out of storage. Well I managed to nurse the fish back to life, and its 6 months old now. :D
As of right now I have 4 goldfish, 1 basic gold fish, 2 fantail, and 1 unknown. I guess the next step is adding some plants, or getting a bigger tank.
This site has been very helpful. Thanks guys.
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