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Jan 10, 2014
First up,i'm pretty new to this so any/all advice,tips etc very greatly appreciated!
Signed up to this forum as it seems to be the most helpful one i've discovered out there,so if anyone could take a minute to help out a newbie that'd be lovely :)
I became a bit of an accidental fishkeeper recently,someone heard about someone down the pub who'd got bored of the fish he'd got for his kid and was threatening to send them to the great u-bend in the sky unless someone took them off his hands..what a charmer,eh?
So,i found myself to the rescue of a tiny,grubby,tank of bored,dull tetra with one rock and one plant...
Three months,and a lot of internet research later (i didn't know the first thing about fishkeeping) they've been rehomed in a ten gallon tank,complete with plants,rocks and ornaments,and regular water changes and testing (spent the first month paranoid about nitrate levels,convinced my lack of knowledge was dooming the poor fish to an unfortunate death by their own poo...)
Anyway,the fish made the move safely,and are eating,swimming,appearing brighter in colour and happily doing normal fishy things,the only problem I seem to be having is the neon tetra seem obsessed with nibbling eachother's tails,is this normal?!
They always grow back,only for them to start nibbling again,it's only the neons though,i have black neons and a phantom also and they are both fully tailed! I've been treating the tank (it's definitely not finrot as i've SEEN the little devils nibbling) with disease clear to protect their fins and help them recover..
Other than the nibbling the neons are perfectly happy,they usually hang out together,are swimming fine and i've seen no signs of bullying,and i'm at a bit of a loss,so here i am!
Thanks guys!

10 gallon tank,
2 black neon tetra
1 phantom tetra
5 neon tetra
PH 7
Ammonia/nitrite 0
Nitrate 20
Mine do not either. If I had to guess it may be related to their previous home with cramped conditions they may have been defensive over what little space they had?? Hence nip nip nip get outta here buddy this is my corner!!
Yeah,i guess that could be the case,thankyou :)
As i mentioned,they're growing back fast enough and it isn't as if one fish is being picked on,they're all at it! Otherwise they seem perfectly happy,no signs of stress because of it..
i have no idea!
I've tried different foods,all of which they will happily munch,as well as eachother's fins!
I have several rescued animals with various issues though,so i guess it's only right that i have strange fish too....
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