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Jun 18, 2017
Hello from australia.

My name is tim and am new ish to the fish keeping world. Glad to be here.
If the Jellyfish decor has strings to anchor them, consider cutting them. They are not always safe for fish. Plus some plastic decor may start flaking or disintegrating. Keep an eye on it.

Welcome to AA [emoji1360]

And please read up on Goldfish. Shubunkins need large tanks or ponds to grow properly and live a long healthy life. Yours are very pretty.

Shubunkins I recommend 40g per fish
Fancies like your Black Moor ? 20g per fish, but 40g per fish is better.

If you read thru the Goldfish threads on AA you'll see some conflicting advice...but lots of clean water and space is always recommended.

Solid Gold on YouTube has some great GF advice videos as well. You can see how big, healthy GF get [emoji1360]

Off my soapbox...

Enjoy your fish and welcome.
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