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May 1, 2006
I have a 29 gallon tank with a AC50 which has been set up for about five months. The setup and filter were new. I went out of town and when I got back the filter was humming but not working. I took it all apart and couldn't find anything that would make it stop working. I replaced the motor unit and it worked but now that unit is humming and not working.
Has anyone had a problem like this? Do I need to replace the entire unit?
Have you tried to fill it with water as it's "humming"? Sometimes mine will lose prime after being off and need to be filled. Did you have a power outage while you were gone?
I tried to fill it with water while it was humming but nothing happened more than the humming. No power outage I have asked the neighbors to double check and nothing.
Nothing restricting the impeller. I have pool sand in the tank. I think I am running out of choices.
Does the impeller turn? Have you tried to reseat it?
Do you mean reseat it by taking it out and putting it back in? I did that a couple of times. The impeller does turn.
I'm honestly stumped. Sorry. If you figure it out, please let us know. I'm really curious now!
I think if I get this running it will be an accident. I just don't want to go and buy something right now. I will keep trying and see what happens. Thanks for all of the ideas.
mine stalled after a power outage and ran dry for a few hours, wouldn't prime when i first flipped out. swabbing and wiping the impeller didn't help, but i noticed that it was hot to the touch, so i detached the burning hot pump and threw it in the fridge for half an hour, reconnected it, and it started on the first try.
I had it runnning since Saturday and now I find it not running once again.
I give up!
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