Help - anyone have a Solarium Aquariuum?

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Jun 15, 2008
HELP! anyone have a Solarium Aquariuum or know the answers to these questions.

I just bought this and set it up. However I am not sure if everything is working correctly. As you can see from the pic's:

  • The skimmer on the right has water all around the actual skimmer (not just inside it) - is this ok/correct?
  • Also the skimmer is NOT perfectly aligned with the compartment next to it (mechanical filter) and therefore when the water "waterfalls" out of the skimmer that is what is causing all around the skimmer to have water.
  • Finally in the middle compartment i have the "mech. filter pad" however, as you can see from the pic's the water stays about 1-3 inches above that. Is this correct or should the water flow fast through it like it did the first couple days?
I have only had this set up for 4 days now and am going through the cycle.

Any help would be great!


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