Help! heater broke, temp. at 60F in LR curing tank

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Jan 17, 2004
I recently bought 45lb Fiji LR and it has been curing in my basement for 3 weeks now. I went down to check the levels yesterday for first time in almost a week and the temp is at 60F! It appears the heater is gone, may have been so for days. Is this rock dead or can it survive this temp? Should I slowly raise the temp back up and how slow, how far?
The LFS that I bought my rock at didn't even use a heater in their curing tank... I would think that there would be some die off, but it wouldn't hurt to put another heater in there. Don't worry about speed, it's not like you are microwaving the water. Those heaters take a while to heat up the water anyway. Your rock should be fine...
Now it reads 59F degrees. I am going to get a heater now. Should I expect a lot of die off do to this? This really sucks.
Not sure I would worry too much about it. LFS around me do not use heaters in their curing tanks either. LR that is shipped is out of water in temps well below 60 and it does well to.
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