Help: I Just Got a New Betta And He Is having Trouble Swimming!!

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Well I can see I guess... its up to what my mom says now. She is far from happy with me.

Hey run a Google search for test kits. You should be able to find them for cheap. You also probably only need ammonia and nitrate to start with. (I know guys, it's better to get a full kit, but the budget isn't there.) Found one for $3 for ammonia. Looks like they may cost about $6 retail maybe. Well within a no budget.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals 162 Ammonia Test Kit
The fish Died this morning. :C I woke up and he was gone... I don't know what happened.
Thats true - I Guess I will have to get a test kit soon. I Do check ph and water temp everytime. But I think it really is the fish - Cause like I said my other boy is fine.
just because one tank is ok doesnt mean another isnt. time to explain to your mother why you need a test kit.
No kidding. It sucks though. He as acting pretty normal too. He wasn't nesting but he seemed happy... Oh boy... I don't know. I just returned the fish they didn't say anything about it...
blanch it and pop it out of the skin. then smoosh it up between your fingers and put it in. my fishies love peas :D
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