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Jul 23, 2011
Hickory, N
So I have been battling cyano since I fist started my tank. I have a 14 gal Biocube with about 15lbs of live rock. I have used chemi clean, and I know this stuff is just a temporary fix. I have tried to manually extract it, it comes right back. I have the built in power head, and an additional one made specifically for the biocube. The lighting is the stock lighting and have added two stunner led strips. Also I noticed the past two days my corals have not came out. I have two green star polyps, zoa's, galaxa, and a candy can coral. These are all frags. Oh the tank has been up and running for 3 months. All corals have been added over the last three weeks. Also have a damsel and scooter blenny. The fish are doing fine and eating fine. Thanks in advance!
Oh and all water prams are right on target,
Ammonia - 0
Ph - 8.2
Specific gravity - 1.024
Nitrates - 0
Nitrites - 25 ppm
Phosphates - 0
That stuff is hard to rid yourself of. RO/DI water is a must if you aren't using it yet. You could be feeding it with top offs and pwc's. What about flow around the tank, feeding amount/frequency, and light spectrum numbers(6500k,10000k, etc?) High flow is an enemy of cyano as well as reduced lighting.
Cyano is probably causing problems for your scooter finding pods. Just giving you a heads up you might need to get a pod culture going in another tank unless he is trained to prepared foods.
I am using RO/DI water to top offs and I get my pwc water fom my lfs. Going to check it for phosphates today. My scooter is eating brine shrimp thank goodness! My lighting is coralife 10,000k 24 watt, actinic 24watt with 2 stunner led power strips.
I rechecked my water last night after a 10% pwc and
Ammonia - 0
Ph - 8.2
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 0
I will recheck again tomorrow.
So over the past few days I have tried moving my power heads around to put the flow toward the sand bed instead of the middle of the tank. Slowly the cyano is dying off! So I'm almost posiive flow is my problem. Thanks for everyones help. I rechecked my water prams and everything is where is supposed to be.
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