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Feb 18, 2006
Hey I have an opportunity to get some new (used) lights. It would bring my 36g to 2.6wpg of lighting. If I leave the light that I have now, it would make it 3.6 wpg. So my question is, will I NEED co2 injection?? Or can I get away without it at all.. and the occasional flourish excel? My plants are happy now with flourish ferts and the occassional excel and the lower light. I have an wild onion plant *meaning it is grwoing insanely* some swords, dwarf sag, java moss, anubias, cobomba, something ceylon....

I have another tank that will be brought up to a 2.2wpg if I get these lights with cabomba, lace java fern, java moss, red crypt, the something ceylon and sunset, swords, corkscrew vals, rotala, and sag. same question. Will I NEED co2 injuction, or can I get away without it.

Also, these are retro kits, used, I have a regular stock hood for the 36g and no hood at all for the 25g. How and can I use these lights? I do have pix, but for some reason cannot save them properly to my hard drive to load them up here......

Thanks for any help! I need to make an offer... They originally were set at $45 each add says:

The kits included external ballasts, bulbs, all wiring, and reflectors. Never had any problems with either kit.
I've got:

-1x96w 36" Hamilton Tech. kit w/ one 6500k straight pin bulb used for only two months. The ballast has on/off switch on it and quick disconnect wire harness.

-1x55w 24" Custom Sealife kit w/ two 6500k square pin style bulbs, one used bulb and one new bulb still in box. This kit has on/off switch on wiring and can be easily mounted on hood.
I think you will have to have CO2 on the 36G, but the 2nd tank would be just fine with Excel. Even the corkscrew vals will do fine with Excel. Mine in my 29G are thriving. But if I put Excel in my 75G, my jungle vals go downhill fast, and the corkscrew vals thrive. And if using Excel, you don't want anacharis either. They will melt as well.
I agree...definitely need CO2 at 3.6 wpg, and I would do it at 2.6 as well. 2.2 probably not but if algae starts to be a problem then yes, you need it. A 36 gallon is small enough that Excel won't be a huge expense. If you stick to the 2.6 and 2.2 wpgs, Excel would probably be enough. At 3.6, I think the CO2 would be better, as Excel isn't as good as CO2. I am just under 4 wpg and use both CO2 and Excel (since my CO2 is not pressurized and I'm on a 55 gal).

BTW the "ceylon" and "tropic sunset" are both varieties of Hygrophila polysperma....once you up your lights, look out! They grow like crazy!
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