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Feb 13, 2022
Hi all, I started my first 10g nano tank in January and added a true percula clownfish in April. I have now gotten the hang of owning a fish and my parameters are stable, so I’ve been looking into purchasing a coral. Mostly due to availability, the two front runners in my search are either a torch coral or a pink devils hand coral. If you guys could answer some questions to help me decide for n which I should get, that would be great!

1.) as I mentioned, my tank is only 10 gallons. I’ve heard that corals like Kenya trees are easy and hardy, but that they grow quite quickly and can take over a tank. I’m not opposed to fragging, but I prefer to have a coral that doesn’t require constant trimming back. How quickly do torches and devils hands grow? Will they take over my tank in a short period of time?
2.) right now I have an artificial anemone in my tank which my clown occasionally sleeps in. I’ve heard that sometimes clowns will interact with torches, and that sometimes this can damage or kill the coral. Will my clown sleeping in a torch cause harm to it?
3.) this is my first marine tank so I’m definitely new to the hobby. As I prefer not to kill any livestock, are either of the corals in question particularly difficult to care for/have abnormal needs?
4.) do these corals need spot fed? If so, with what?
5.) right now my tank has a white light in it. Should I get a blue/purple one if I want to keep corals? Also, does it specifically have to be a nice reef light or could it be a cheaper light off of Amazon that fits the right color spectrum? Will this make any sort of significant difference?
First of all any coral that you put in there are gonna sit there overtime and get pretty good size. You will eventually have to do a bunch of fragging to keep up with size. A good coral that is pretty Hardy is the bubble coral. Also the hammer coral is a pretty slow growing coral but it does grow pretty large. There are endless corals you can use but as I said earlier you will have to deal with size before long.
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