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Feb 28, 2019
Hi all,

I decided to join the the form because I'm new at fish keeping and something has come up that is making me very sad. I have some really sick Cory catfish and thinking about euthanasia. I don't know what to do long story short I believe they have a bacterial infection that has caused their " whiskers" to be worn down to the point where they're having a very hard time finding food and their mouths are starting to turn red. I think the bacterial infection is because of the filter I was using was too small to turn over tank size I had. Since figuring this out I have changed the filter too much more powerful one and water conditions are improving. But the last few days I've been watching these Cory's starve to death and I don't know how to help or if I can. I believe it to be too late because I can't get a hospital tank to treat them; no room for another Aquarium. Please please someone respond dot-dot. I was thinking clove oil but if anyone else knows anything quicker and painless open to suggestions.
Really sorry to hear this. Frequently this happens from an uncycled tank or over feeding or lack of water changes, causing unsafe water parameters leading to the injuries / infection.

Keeping their water in perfect condition is really crucial if healing can take place.

Depending if they are deathly ill... Options could be medication, also euthanasia.

Make sure if you use real clove oil not artificial clove oil flavoring - and it is oil not alcohol which burns further and if torturous to the fish.

Keep the fish in the clove oil for a long time to be sure the fish is actually dead and not just anesthetized.
Keeping the water in the tank in excellent condition can help the healing process.

If the fish is deathly ill, medication is an additional option.

Fish can live a bit without food. If you can't get them in better condition euthanasia is an option as well.

Just make sure to use real clove oil, is more expensive than the artificial type (which is not what you use). Also not the kind with alcohol because it further burns the fish and is tortuous.

Also make sure you leave them in for a number of hours and that they are dead and not just anesthetized.
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