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Jun 12, 2005
I must say, I got more then I bargined for tonight.

I contacted a local reef keeper, to inquire about some neat green ricordia they were selling for 10 dollars a polyp. Through a few emails they found out that I was looking for smaller frags and was instructed to drive over to their house to see their tanks etc.

The drive was @45 min (with a few wrong turns) but we made it shortly after the time me and the wife mentioned we would be there.

I was going to get the ricordia, and they asked how much we were looking to spend so they knew how they wanted to help us spend it...

These are what we ended up with...

Think I got my 40 dollars worth?
items that I can ID going in order of posted... if you can correct or help ID any it would be appreciated.

Xenia (bluish color)
candy cane
favia (which i am utterly excited about)

second post
misc leather
different candy cane
some mushrooms on the shell under the hose
some sort of polyp
and a toadstool leather

third post
frog spawn frag (not in this transaction, accidental upload)
white star polyps?
kenya tree frag

fourth post
Green Sinulara
more misc mushrooms
Gee. Only a 20 some hour drive for me. Might be worth it for 40. :roll: :mrgreen:

Don't you feel guilty for taking all that stuff?

Hopefully, those weren't burgulars (sp?) posing as the tank owners????
naw, they are people who I later found out just like to help the area reefers...

they gave me the favia because they needed to get rid of some larger pieces to make room for grow out (darn stonies)

I did wake up this morning to discover the blue xenia is missing from the rock it was glued on :(

hopefully it will turn up later like it has a habbit of doing.
Very nice. I have het to see something local for less than $29 a pop for items similar to those you posted. Great job.
I don't think xenia would do well glued to rock. If ya find it, stick a toothpick thru the bottom, and attached the tooth pick to the rock with a rubberband from both sides. After 2-3 days, the toothpick can be carefully removed.
well the piece i had was way to small for a toothpick and i was outta stockings so i was at a loss :(

hopefully i find it tonight
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