Hermit crab found in a cup

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Apr 30, 2021
Yesterday we found a hermit crab in a cup at work. If this were a land crab I could care for it but this is a marine crab. I bought a plastic bin and bottled salt water for it temporarily but i cannot keep this little guy, I don’t have all the necessary things for it because ive never owned a hermit crab or any saltwater creatures before. I contacted all my local fish shops and they all rejected him. I asked around if I could release him in the ocean but was advised not to. I don’t know what to do.
Thanks for the help!
It sounds like you are near the ocean and He looks like he came from the ocean, I’d just put him back in it but that’s just me. If you aren’t near the ocean that’s very strange that a hermit crab was just in a cup but it sounds like someone found it in the ocean out it in a cup and left it. I doubt anyone is gonna want it.
Reasons for not putting it back in the ocean, if you are near and can do that would be if it were with other SW creatures and could transfer disease back to the ocean friends.

Since you do not have any other SW creatures then it would be sensible it wouldn't have caught anything from your tank / cup/ container.

Put it back where it came from.

Or a saltwater store might take it, or if there aren't any other options, maybe a SW keeper would want it.
Thanks for the advice! I had found a shop about an hour away that said would take it but unfortunately it didn’t make it through the first night. I appreciate the help though!
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