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Apr 19, 2004
What is the difference (beside color) between red and blue hermits? Size? eating habits?
I have done very little research on inverts due to having puffers and triggers in my tank so any info on how much and what to put in a 65 gal with only fish and rocks with snails crabs and other cleaners.

I have seen different types of red hermits but I assume you mean dwarfs?

I have both and the red grow larger. Most of my blues have stayed very small but a few did get a bit bigger. They both seem to eat a good deal of algae but will scavange meat if they can get it.

I'm sure someone else with more experience can clarify some of that. HTH!
Stay away from a blue hermit if you have a reef, for fish only, ok. The red legged hermits will not eat anything that they are not supposed to.
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