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Oct 20, 2014
Hello all. I'm new here and look forward to some advice...
I just recently set up a standard 55 after the usual cycling and testing and what not. I dropped 1 Kenyi, 2 Elec. Yels and an albino SoCo. I would like to drop 4 Acei's, 3-5 more EY's and another SoCo. Is this too much?
Cool site, BTW.
Oops, forgot intro...
I'm a 40 yo father of two who hasn't had a tank in YEARS (undergravel filters were still king). The kids tired of their Fire Bellies so its on to cichlids. Hoping for more trial than error...
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Hi and welcome. I would wait to get more fish. If you just set up not long ago, you could cause nasty spikes in your water quality. YOU MUST HAVE MORE PATIENCE THAN THE KIDS!
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