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Apr 10, 2013
Hi I am another newbie I have a 60 litre Biorb I was given incorrect info by my lfs when starting out and incorrectly completed cycling the tank they advised to cycle fish less for two weeks which I did ... Not adding anything or testing the water ... After three weeks doing this I added 4 Danios and the following week 4 Tetras ... Still not testing the water I was eventually advised to start doing some .. I Bought an API master test kit My ammonia levels were between 4.0 - 8.0 ppm with nitrites at around 2.0 ppm and no nitrates
With hindsight it's a wonder how my fish were living.

I immediately started daily water changes

Now after three months I have only one each of each fish left

But my ammonia will not show 0ppm
My nitrite level is 0 ppm
My nitrate levels around 10 ppm

So I know I am cycling

But cannot get my ammonia to zero it currently shows at around 0.25 - 0.50 ppm

I really want to add more fish but am unsure if it is wise to do so with the above readings

I am doing daily water changes at present and adding tap water safe and stress zyme to each change (I do a 20 litre change - 2 buckets each having this treatment added to them)

Any helpful suggestions or directions to forums that have already discussed this welcome
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You need to add at least three more tetras as they are schooling fish and they can get stressed when not in school witch further risks his life.
Hi the Ph level tested straight from the tap this morning shows a reading of 6.0Ph
and the reading from day old tank water (I did partial change yesterday morning) is 7.6Ph

I am aware the Tetra is a schooling fish ( I started with 4 - 3 died) but as I said I am unsure if buying more fish at the moment will I be doing the right thing ? I obviously don't want to jeopardise any more fish if by adding more at present the water conditions is unsafe With the readings I have shown?
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