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Feb 1, 2014
I currently have a beta fish. Had him for a week. Can you help me decide whether to name him puddle or oki? He's red,blue, and white. I also have a turtle named Darwin. He's in a 20 gallon long tank, with a basking dock,and light,plastic plant and river rocks,he has a 40 gallon filter. My dad has a pond with koi. We also have a 100 gallon tank with tropical fish. My brother has a 10 gallon with 4 goldfish that I take care of. I love all animals. Please help me name my fish!
Hi! :) Welcome to AA! I like Oki for a fish name. :) Is the turtle in the same tank as the betta? I hope it's okay if I offer some advice on your brother's tank--goldfish need a bare minimum of 30 gallons of water per fish as juveniles, depending on the species. Kept in too small a tank, goldies become stunted, meaning that their outsides stop growing but their insides don't and they suffer terribly. :( Anyway. You didn't ask for advice on goldfish, sorry. Just wanted to suggest a possible tank upgrade for the fish's sake and for yours, so you don't ever have to see them get sick, which is so difficult. Again, welcome to AA. People here are really friendly. :) Can't wait to see pictures of Oki or Puddle! :) :)
The goldfish are pretty small still and I had originally bought them to live with my turtle if you get my drift. So I want be upgrading their tank. They seem happy. They love to eat and swim in their plants. They are about a 1 year old. My turtle and beta are separated. When I put the largest of the goldfish in Darwin's tank he nipped their fins. I had researched if the fish was big enough the turtle wouldn't bother it. Well he did. I didn't want to see him eat them so I quickly took them out and put them in the only tank we had available. They have a plant,a pretty cute tank decoration, and a little sign that they love to knock over. Thanks for replying! I still don't know oki or puddles?!
Also if the fish get big enough I will move me to my dad's pond. Probably during this summer.
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