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Apr 14, 2011
Central Texas
Ha! guess my accent?
I have a nano tank and some very tall glass cylinder vases, (think umbrella stand) that I am planting. I intend to enjoy ownership of ghost and crystal red shrimp someday..........btw.... that fish free cycling thread is awesome. Gosh , give that guy a teaching degree now!

Anyway, my main problem is my tanks are so small that I'm having difficulty keeping the water warm and dark enough for a full cycle. My nano only has a night light and is plastic so I'm afraid of heaters. My cylinder , at the office may have better luck since I control the room temperature there. Maybe if I found a free floating heater I would be more comfortable about this?

I know, i know, I already feel I'm wasting my time with this tiny tank setup. Kinda embarassing too. You guys are decades ahead of me.
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