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not sure if this is the right place but ive been reading around on the forum for a while just looking up articles and stuff and i found the information here to be helpful. My name is Nicole and Ive been keeping tanks since i was like 10 when i got my first little 5 gallon and currenlty i have a 55gallon chicled tank and a little 10 gallon planted tank. The reason i joined the forum is because im thinking about taking the saltwater jump and the poeple here seem really nice. Im getting bored with freshwater.... lol... but i thought it would be nice to browse the fourms and introduce myself.
Welcome to AA.............Yat Da Hay (Hows it going)!
thanks everyone, i got a lot of great info on startin a sw over in the reef forums... looks like a got a lot of money to save up and a lot of planning to do!
Welcome to AA.

You will learn a lot here is the Saltwater Getting Started Forum
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