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Oct 5, 2008
Elizabetown KY
im looking at buying a HO T5 216watt 48" light to put on my tank is this light enough for some small things like bubble enmities, devils hand, mushrooms, Xenia, nothing big just a few small things
Hey Joe.. where you goin with that gun in your hand? JK... (Jimi Fan) How big is the tank? And how old? Lighting has a lot to do with keeping all those things but so does water quality. Anemones require good lighting and great water conditions. They may look good in your tank for a while but will suffer under poor conditions. Also are we talking a condy or a carpet or a BTA? Shrooms, xenia, and the like are pretty adaptable. 216w on a 55 or 75... your good, on a deep 90 or 110 maybe not. Like I said, water quality is just as important. The old "4-5 watts per gallon" doesnt mean a thing if your water peramaters are off and filtration is subpar or you are overstocked. There are a lot of factors to concider.
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