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Oct 27, 2013
charlotte, nc
So for a heavily stocked (7-9 med fish) fowlr that I eventually want to turn into a reef, what HOB skimmer? I'm not going sump at this point. I've looked at remora pro and pro s, octopus bh2000 and bh90, eshopps 100h and the aquamaxx hob-1. Also glanced at the super octopus. Want something quiet and with low risk of overflow. What do y'all think? Is bh90 better than bh2000?. Is the remora better than either, toss up, or nt better? At those super octopus HOBs worth the money? Thanks!

IME the BH2000 was a fantasy skimmer. I think its like most HOB skimmers - all can potentially overflow. The BH2000 operation was very dependent on surface water level and the amount of food I fed. Auto top off system is required and you need to be consistent on feeding times. Although the BH2000 never flooded my floors, it did lightly overflow. I think its a nice feature to reduce amount of flooded floors. I got tired of looking at the cup daily to make sure my floor is dry, so I got rid of it and now just doing more weekly water changes.

I had the BH2000 for my 46g reef. It would serve well on a 75g, nothing bigger. My next tank will probably be ~60g but will always go with sump skimmers.
The remoras wouldnt be big enough in my opinion. I used one on my 55g and one on my 60g tanks and they were just right.
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