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Feb 13, 2006
Hi, I am new to saltwater. I have ordered a 92 gallon corner tank with built in overflow with 2 holes drilled in the bottom. I also ordered a proclear pro 150 wet/dry with protein skimmer. I hope I will know how to hook it up when I get it fri. I would like to know if I have the right idea of this filter works.

The tank will overflow through the holes on the overflow bow, going down the box through the hole in the bottom . Then this is when I get confused, will it go into the area with the skimmer or onto the bio balls first? Then will I return the water with a pump submerged in the open chamber through the other hole in the tank, then back out the top. This is how I picture it.

Also should I put something in overflow box to filter too?

Please let me know if this is even close to being correct or if it sound like I am forgetting something.

Thank You, Jeff
The piping from the overflow box should go into the bioballs. It will fall from there to the skimmer chamber, where there should be a seperate pump running the skimmer, then from there to the return pump.

You could consider putting a standpipe in the overflow box to reduce noise, but I wouldn't put any filtration there; except if you have nudibarchs likely to get trapped inside, you might put a large sponge over the opening. Search for "durso standpipe" or "stockman standpipe" if you're interested in standpipes.

Have you considered running the wet/dry without bioballs? If you have 1-2 lbs of live rock per gallon of water, and plenty of circulation, the bioballs are not really necessary, and just another maintenance step to keep them clean.
I know that the tank comes with a megaflow overflow kit. Do you think it will come with a standpipe or is this something I need to purchase seperate?

Thanks for making things a little clearer for me, Jeff
Is that the "MEGAFLOW ACCESSORY KIT"? That does come with all the parts you need for a standpipe. The design of the megaflow makes a standpipe more important, because it is not a true overflow, and can drain the aquarium when the power goes out if no standpipe is installed. The standpipe that comes with the Mafaflow acessory kit is a durso style standpipe, which reduces noise and regulates the water level in your aquarium.
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