How can I MacGyver a new filter intake cap?

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Oct 23, 2008
I recently moved into a new house and, in all the commotion, the filter intake tube cap to my five gallon FW tank went missing! I have been to every pet store in 20 miles of me and none of them have replacement caps. I've looked online, but so far haven't found one that fits my tube.

The tank is one of those eclipse hexagon cheapies with the filter built into the lid, so I can't just replace the whole filter.

Right now I'm using (embarrassing) a piece of pantyhose with a rubber band holding them on to block the tube, but I fear it's a matter of time before the current pulls one of the fish against it and kills it. Do you have any suggestions for something I can easily get my hands on to MacGyver an intake cap? Or a place where I can cheaply order a new one? Any help is appreciated!
You mean the little strainer at the end of the intake?

You can use a block of coarse foam. Get a ~2"x2"x3" block of coarse filter foam (one of those A/C HOB filters). Wet it & freeze it solid. Drill a hole (while the block is frozen) about 1/8" smaller than the intake tube, and about 1/2 way down the long way. Thaw out the foam & you should have a nice fitting foam filter. Slip that over the end of the intake & you are done.

The filter foam "strainer" will clog with use, so you have to clean it out from time to time. Advantage is that it breaks up the water current even more than a plastic strainer so it is safe for frys. Also, the filter foam is a great place for your biobugs to live & will keep the main filter pads clean longer.
one of those should fit if you have to macgyver it even lol .the foam block sounds good
Thanks for the help! One of the suggested ones is the one I have, so I'll see if I can get it on the cheap. I may try the foam block though, since my fish seem to hate current.
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