How many snails

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Jan 21, 2004
Quick quesiton. I was told that you should have sandbed burrowers and glass cleaning snails and that you should have 1-2 per gallon of each kind. Is that correct? I don't want the little guys to starve...
Yeah...I've been told you need about 1 snail per gallon, but I don't know about those other things...
It's like the watts per gallon rule for lighting... there is no real number that will apply to everyone. It will depend on a lot of different things but I'd add then a few at a time and if you need more than add more. If you go too crazy and add like 50 or so they may eat up all the algae etc and then starve to death.
Start with about 1 snail per 10 gallons and if they don't keep up, add a few more. As for the sand burrowers, depends on what your gonna use as a sand burrower.
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