How much weight can a 55 AGA support?

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Aug 7, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
My brother is moving and i'm stuck planning the aquarium move part. We have a cleaned rubbermiad for the fish, water and decoration part but i'm wondering if we can safely move a 55 gallon tank with roughly 25 lbs of PFS and a little water (ie. enough to cover the sand bed to keep bacteria alive) safely or will the sand place too much weight on the unsupported bottom glass?
I wouldn't risk it. Can you put the sand in a bucket with the water too (maybe even a ph if it is a long move)? I would also suggest some extra PWC in the ready.
if it's a glass tank...then I don't see a problem. The bottom glass needs no support as long as the edges are supported. We have moved my dad's 29g which has a gravel substrate without problems.
There are folks that just replace their sand after moving a tank. You can keep some a few cups of it to help seed the new sand.
25 lbs of sand is barely enough to cover the bottom so you're probably talking about 110 lbs total which is doable with two people. If SW then I'd ditch the sand and start with new sand and move the tank empty adding a couple of cups of your old sand as Scott mentioned.
no its only 1 bag of PFS which is what 20-25lbs? Yeah its a very small sand bed for a 55 gallon tank FW setup. So I've gotten 1 yes, 1 no and 1 n/a. anyone else?
No sweat - as long as you don't allow it to be placed on an uneven surface where it will twist or something.
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