How to get clown loaches to eat?

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May 25, 2006
See cichlid discussion for tank specifics. I feed a mix of shrimp pellets, catfish pellets, and blood worms to my clown loaches (2) and other fish. They're just so bright and tiny these botia macs of mine. Any idea of how to get them to eat more often and plump up? I understand most of the LFS's carry wild caught loaches that are sressed from a long transport. Seem the worms are all the loaches eat. Any other successful recommended products? Brands? I feed mainly hikari. They dont like the wardley stuff.
You are feeding the correct foods, especially the sinking pellets. If they are getting enough food, there is no reason to provide more. You could add algae wafers to the mix and the occassional veggie (squash) works well too.

If there is a particular brand of food to use, try NLS foods.
How long have you had the clowns? Do they have sunken bellies now and/or were they sunken when you brought them home? I ask because like you said, clowns are wild caught and often ship to stores loaded with internal parasites.
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