How to lower ph?

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I'm so gratefull I found this AA forum. I have learned SO MUCH from so many great people in here. Together we can save ourselves some grief and money and have some fun doing it. LOL I'm Just sharing with you some of the grace others have given me. OS.
I think most people buy portable RO units. Look up Rivercats in here, she has a good unit that wasn't too expensive. She knows more about what types are available than I do. She loves hers and she has a 220g tank. Luck, OS.
I know my LFS sells it for a dollar a gallon and they have a huge system in the back because their saltwater tanks use it. check yours!
Here is the portable unit I have which doesn't need to be plumbed in. Use it and store it. I have the Pro-100 unit and it works really well. It also comes with a TDS meter which is very handy to tell you when your unit filters need replacing and to monitor your tank water with. In the long run it's cheaper than buying RO, especially if you factor in the gas you use having to run back and forth to get it. portable countertop reverse osmosis drinking water system - remove fluoride, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs and more
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