How to post pictures?

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May 11, 2006
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I am not very good with technical things. Can someone please give very easy to understand instructions on how to post a picture. Please take it easy on me and don't laugh to hard but place step by step instructions on here.

Thanks Tess:-?
Go to and sign up for free. You can upload your pictures there. If you click on your user page in Photobucket, you will see your pictures there. Photobucket is your storage space for accessing photos online.

Once they're uploaded, create a post. There is a button that looks like a mountain with a sun on top of it. Click it and it will give you a popup prompting you for the URL (path) for the photo. You can get this from the photo you want to post on Photobucket. Use the Direct Link one. Once you fill it in with the path and hit OK on that popup window, it will close and you should see the picture appear in your post.

Good luck and let us know if you have more questions.
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Theotheragentm can I use my kodac galary in the same way as photobucket to upload photos on? Thanks for your help

As long as Kodak allows direct linking, yes you can, but from memory I don't believe they do. All Photobucket is doing is hosting your images, where you can access them from the web. Any service that allows this will work. Photobucket just happens to be simple and free.
Thanks I am still just trying to figure all this out, But your answers are very helpful.

Again Thanks
It's kind of a difficult concept to get at first. If you've ever inserted a photo on your computer into a Word document, you are referencing its path. Well you can't do this with the Internet, because your computer isn't set up to serve to the Internet.

So you are putting it on Photobucket's computer and it allows you to reference its path from another computer (this forum) in your post. I think Kodak uses Flash to display images, so you never know where the actual image file path is, meaning you can't reference it.
There is another way...

To add photos to a post

Click on reply and scroll down to bottom of text box.
Click "go advanced" add text to message window and then scroll down.
Click "Manage attachments" A separate window will pop up.
Click "browse" Then select the file to be uploaded from your hard drive. Be sure that the photo is appropriately sized. 620 x 420 pixels (or smaller) and no more than 300 K. You may select several photos to upload at the same time by repeating the last step.
Click "Upload" After pics have loaded close the pop-up window
Click "submit reply" to mount the text of your message - photos will automatically appear in post.
trying it out

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