How to remove a six line wrasse

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May 28, 2016
So I have to remove my six line. I love him but he is terrorizing my coris wrasse to never come out of the sand. Anyone have a trick to try and get one of these fish out. I need a easy method, because I'm at school and my mom is going to attempt to remove him.

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I can say catching a wrasse is not fun especially if the tank is full of rocks and stuff.
I can't imagine a corris wrasse being afraid of a 6 line wrasse as the corris family is a more aggressive wrasse , I would leave them be they'll learn to co exist together ,
I feel sorry for your mom as she will go nuts trying to catch him lol
Yah she already has. My coris actually came out for a couple mins before going back under. I'll try to leave them be.
Would a small coral beauty you think help keep aggression down? I know angle fish run the tank.

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I got the six line out, but I ended up doing all new rock formation, so it now comes down to fish to be paired with my line yellow coris.

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Yes it is and I had to remove the rock to get him out so all new rock lay out.ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1481670072.286635.jpg I know about water quality about a quarter of the water was removed to keep the rocks wet so it's got a bunch of new water.

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best order of adding fish always add the more aggressive ones last. I still can't get over a corris wrasse wimping out to a six line . my red corris wrasse would have set him straight .
if your tank was bigger you would still be chasing him . as for coral beauty I wouldn't add to a tank smaller than a 40.
I was sort of joking about the coral beauty. I just need to find some lazy pretty fish to compliment my corals.

So my coris wrasse went into hiding, I'm going to take a guess and say it's normal since all the rock has changed. I'm just worried since it has been almost 5 days since I have seen him eat.
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