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May 26, 2015
My first nano marine tank is cycling at the moment but I plan on getting peppermint shrimps (to take care of aiptasia), a snail-only CUC plus maybe one hermie because they're fun to watch. I'll eventually have fish and hardy soft corals. What elements do I need to be supplementing now or later, and can you guys suggest any products?

Oh, and while I'm here, when my ammonia and trItes are at 0, do I continue to let anaerobic trAte-processing bacteria build up by feeding the tank straight ammonia, before adding inverts? If not, should I just do a large water change to bring trAtes down before adding inverts?
No need to dose the tank anything, its to new, and it won't be gobbling up those elements just yet. Normal weekly 10% water changes will keep those elements up for you at the moment.
If you just started your tank, yes, you will need to provide an ammonia source to keep cycle going correctly.
Do not add life until the cycle is complete, the cycle may or may not kill them.
So i checked today, and amm and trites are at 0, from .25 and .50 two days ago! I dosed some ammonia to keep it going, about a capful, and I'll test it later when it's all mixed through. How many ppm should I keep it at and how long will it take to bring the trates down? Should I go get some live sand at this point?
The nitrates will go down with water changes. If you have the sand and rock in the tank, then you have what you need. You want the ammonia to turn into nitrates in a 24 hour period before adding livestock.
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