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Jun 23, 2009
Kerala, India
Name: Viresh Fleming
Age: 28
Location: Kerala, India.
Interests: Fish Keeping, Music and Guitars.


12 Gl: Lillys
8 Male Fancy Guppy
5 Female Fancy Guppy
1 Feeder Female.
1 Neon Platy

15 Gl: Planted
2 Fire Mouth Cichlids
6 Tiger Barb
1 Ghost Knife (Juvie)

25 Gl: Planted
3 Blue Ram Cichlids
4 Angel Cichlids
1 Julii Cory

7Gl Tank:
25+ Guppy Fry

I also care for

180Gl Pond:
2 Shubunkin Carps
2 Pearly Scale Goldfish
2 Red Cap Oranda

Building a Custom 55 GL tank.

Been keeping fishes for the last 15 years, for the 1st 5years it was on and off, however, for the last 10 years i have had a variety of fishes and tanks ranging from a 2 Gallon QT up to a 125 GL.

Welcome to AA. Your tanks sound pretty ummm... active. :)
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