I added a banggai cardinal and a royal gramma

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Sep 2, 2011
I finally decided to add the first fishes to my tank after 3 months of preparing my tank. I added a banggai cardinal and a royal gramma. After acclimating my fish properly (drip for gramma, float for cardinal) and leaving for the evening, I still don't see the gramma. He was active on the way home but seems to be afraid to come out.

Water temp is good, water quality tested good, everything seems ok.

Hoping he comes out soon? Any thoughts?

Planning on adding a pair of true percs and a flame angel and calling it a day. 29 gallon with live rock and reef coral.
pretty typical for a new fish. The royal gramma is pretty well known for hanging around in the rocks even when they get use to the tank. I have had 3 in different tanks and they have all stuck to the rocks mainly only coming out into open water to eat.
Ok that's good to hear. Now I don't feel so bad. What do you suggest I feed him? Mysis ok?
chickenscratch said:
Ok that's good to hear. Now I don't feel so bad. What do you suggest I feed him? Mysis ok?

I mix mysis with flake feeding.. they will anything
Mine wedged itself in the rocks for 2 days! Now it comes out into view, but always stays near his hiding spot, the only time mine really swims around is feeding time! It's pretty curious though, it likes to check me out when I'm by the tank! Good luck with yours! I think they are so beautiful!
A bangai is more aggressive than the royal gamma so you might not get much of a chance to see the royal gamma. My royal gamma was first fish in the tank for over a month before I got a clown fish. He is out most of the time the lights are on unless my hand is in the tank. They are a very beautiful fish not to be out and about.

They like to have a cave they call their own that is where they sleep. Mine actually lays down to sleep usually with its head propped up on a rock.
My gramma was very reclusive, always in the rockwork and hardly ever came out. Some times I wouldnt spot her for days on end and always thought the worst. lol But she always came out eventually, that is until she died in the tank plague I had a few months back. :-( One of my first fish and very pretty to boot though.
Okay so I'll have the following in my 29 gallon tank. Can I add anything else or stick with this?

- Banggai Cardinal
- Royal Gramma
- Pair of true perculas
- Flame angel

5 fish. I'd like to add 1 or 2 more but don't want to over stock I'm doing this thing right this time!
I would stick with the five. Also, if you're planning on corals you may want to nix the Flame, they are known to nip at coral.
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