I don't have a clue!!!!

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Dec 7, 2005
Chesapeake, Virginia
just have water in my tank and trying to get carbonate hardness levels right and don't have a clue..trying for a reef tank...dude at pet store said it should be 12 drops it's a 7...looks like i have calcium or salt build up on my heater and other places ... haven't cycled tank yet don't have protien skimmer yet and i think i need another power head.
75 gal. tank
ehein canister filter
powersweep 228 power head
icecap 660 ballist with 3 48"bulbs in homemade hood
need any and all advice i can get
12 drops 7?? what test kit? The kits should have a chart with a number asigned to it what is your at..
And to start with IMO you do not need to worry about that right now, you have a cycle to get through. Read read and read some more on this site. You need to be testing for ammonia, nitrite and nitrates right now. What are these readings. do you have LR or LR if so how much. More info would be helpful

Oh ... Welcome to AA

Take a deep breath and slow down, it will all come in time and remember that nothing good happens fast in this hobby.
7dKH is ok. Will vary depending on the salt used. 6-12 is a good range. Saltcreep is normal as well (though annoying).

I'd recommend a book ;) http://www.aquariumadvice.com/saltbook.php

The most important part: what kind of tank are you going for? I recommend a FOWLR setup myself (75-90 lbs LR, fine sand substrate, protein skimmer). The cycling can be done by the live rock.
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