I hate my light!

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Mar 9, 2012
Does anybody have a suggestion for lighting on a budget for a 29 gal 30x12x18 FOWLR tank? Eventually I will be going somewhat reef with it..Just want to get good at the fish part first..

All I have is the one flourescent light with a full hood. I can't stand the look of it and I don't like that much of the tank being blocked off. The lighting doesn't do the contents of the tank any justice either let alone the room.

I have the same tank with a odyssea 4 bulb t5HO and have been very happy with it. I have several corals in my tank that are doing great with it. I think it was around $100. It is 24" but covers the 30" tank very well.
Thanks..from what I see it looks pretty good..does it just clamp to the tank somehow then? I'm sorry if thats a dumb question...I just want things as open as possible
Great! I could tell it did something. I just wasn't sure exactly what...tnx for ur input! now I just gotta save up for it lol I have bigger issues with my tank right now than lighting : (
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