i need a new heater for my 45 gallon.

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Dec 25, 2005
Polk City, Ia
Right now i have a penn plax 150 watt heater. I used to run two but one quit working on me. Now this one won't keep my tank at a constant good temp. Its either not working at all and the temp is 68 degrees or its at 82 wanting to keep on going every time.

I mean is there such thing as thermostats for these heaters? But really what is a good heater that will keep my tank at 78 degrees and last for a decent amount of time?
Sounds like maybe it's a little underpowered. If you had two before and things were fine, and now with just one it can't keep up... then I'd say get another one. I have 2x 100W heaters in my 46g.

Regarding thermostats... look into either a Ranco Temperature Controller or a Johnson Controls Temperature Controller. They are digital controllers that take readings off a submersed temp probe, and either turn on/off the heaters based on the temperature reading. No cheapo bimetallic thermostat like all the heaters have. You just plug your heater into it, turn the heater's thermostat up somewhere above your normal heating zone, and let the controller do its work.
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