i need help on my clown fish

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Apr 2, 2004
i was wondering if any one could help me. my wife and i started a 30 gallon saltwater tank 2 months ago and everything is going good. we cycled the tank with 4 damsels and the water is in perfict condition. so we asked our local fish store if it was ok to get a clown fish (Percula) even thow we only have a regular florecent light and the guy said yes and even gave us a folecent frendley anemone. so we took one clown and one anemone home and everyting was going good for about 3 days the clown was moving and eating. now the clown stays in the anemone and wont eat. i even have a baby droper and use it to feed the clown with brime and nothing. any suggestions? please help us if you guys can.

thank you,
Jeff :(
and even gave us a folecent frendley anemone

Those dont exsist as far as I am concerned. Was the clown getting agression from the damsiels? 4 damsels in a 30 gal tank is alot expecially when you factor in their agression. If the clown was eating well dont be alarmed if it does not eat for a few days, or does not appear to eat for a few days. Fish can go easily a full week to two weeks with out additional feedings if properly fed prior.

How is the anenome doing? Can you describe it to us?
yeah I would love to help you as I am sure everyone here would but we need a little more info.

im sorry guys im new at this. the guys at the fish store called it bubble tip.
i hope the picture will help the guys again they told me it will be ok. as for the clown fish i hope thats the problem because he is hella cool and very active just not eating (i dont like to kill things). once again thank you for your help. :oops: im sorry i dont know how to add the picture...

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