I think my guppy is sick

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Katie Lynn

Aquarium Advice Newbie
Feb 26, 2024
Hi all. I'm very new to owning fish, i've had a tank for about 3 months now (Tropical) and all has been well. One of my pregnant guppies just gave birth, however I was away for the weekend and didn't set up a breeding box, so they all got eaten.
Anyway, i've just noticed that my female guppy is pencil thin now (looks like it might have a parasite or something) and i'm just looking for some advice on what to do. I've put her in the new breeding box to keep her away from the others, she's still lively but doesnt seem to be eating much.
Any ideas would be great :)
Sometimes giving birth can be like this. Guppies can be affected and they could pass. Having her in the breeder box is helpful to keep her away from males. But stressful because she may not have any plants or a place to feel safe hiding. Also usually right at the brightest lights. If you have any pieces of live stem plants or leafy plants which could float. Or even a few sprigs off a plastic plant.

Fenbendozole, liquid form goat dewormer, found at farm supply stores, uses a easy to mix and dose liquid. Can be used safely with dwarf shrimp or snails if dosed correctly. Regular doses would possibly injure inverts if you have them. Other options are dewormers which have been made into flaked foods. Angels Plus offered these. I'm not who else does. Prazipro is another option I haven't used it though.
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