Idea thread for furnishings & stage properties

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Jan 12, 2022
New York, NY
My brain is extremely visual, and I have some interior tank design ideas in development.

Do find any of these fun or exciting; or, do you know of way to overcome a potential problem?

1. 4” x 6” tiny hanging single fish tank submerged in the water, as a haven or hideaway for a tiny fish or two, or as a place to set food only the tiniest fish can access. Place on floor, or suspend for removal from time to time.

2. Furniture: Just a *few* pieces of very simple, plain mini or dollhouse furniture (1:24, 1:36. 1:48), chosen to a] suggest a room; and b] be in scale with each other, so they look like they go together.

My set will include a modern sectional sofa; a glass-top oblong coffee table; and an acrylic, gloss black baby grand piano — all to the same scale.

Idea for a clear, smooth floor area (no substrate):

3. To suggest a large area rug (modern art, abstract or geometric): Tiny glass & ceramic tiles, triangular, 1/2 in. or so, arranged in multiple bright colors in a simple or random geometric pattern. Affix them well to plastic or rubber; cure the piece well and test for loose pieces. Position it inside as one piece. A snail could help keep it clean.


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