If doing 40% water change weekly will skimmer not produce

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Mar 4, 2004
King of Prussia, PA
I am wondering why my skimmer is not producing any skim. I have a 10 gallon tank:

1 damsel
1 brittle star
1 turbo snail
lots of naseriuth snails
1 bubble coral
1 small sand polyup comunity
1 rock with mushroom coral on it

I am wondering if the skimmer is not producing anyhitng due to the fact that I am doing about 40% water changes each week. Was doign that because of an algae issue I had. It is not turnign around.

My skimmer is a piece of crap Seaclone but I have moded it out a little. It was produsing a few weeks ago but has since stopped givign me anything. What do you all think?
You don't really have alot of bioload to produce much skimate without doing such large waterchanges, doing that much weekly would definitely reduce skimate production.
I agree that your PWC at 40% will not leave much to skim. Try doing half that much.
I have two 10-gal. tanks more populated than yours, and only do 2 gal. WC every week. My skimmer is producing just fine. I am not familiar with your filter, but I have a Skilter250 on one of my tanks (Bio-Wheel filter on the other). The only thing I don't like about it (besides the noise) is that it dumps millions of micro bubbles in the tank. I haven't been able to find a way to stop that without changing the way my skimmer skims.

I agree with the others in that 40% WC is not necessary for your bioload. Do you have a DSB? How much LR do you have? Those can really help with the filtration as well.

How old is your tank?

Here's a thought if you cut back on the water changes and still get no skim:
If the tank is fairly new, maybe it was skimming before because of the inballance in water quality; but now that it's older the water quality has stabilized, so there's nothing much to skim anymore.
Tank is not new. Skimmer is a real piece of junk. Tried modding it but it has nto helped all that much.

The tank is over a year old but has only had coral in it for about 2 months now. I was havign algae issues so I purchased a RO system. However I did more testign and found out that the RO system was not takign out enought phosphate. I had a DI canister on the system but still read levels of phosphate at .5ppm.

So I started running phoshate remover in the filter with some carbon. And I decided to do massive water changes to get things stable. HAs worked so I am goign to do one more big one and then move down to smalller changes.
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