Im finally CYCLED!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 23, 2011
Long Island, NY
Well after a month of looking at my empty tank, i finally get to put something in now. Since I have no LR in my tank (40lbs of base reef rock, 40lbs of live sand and 40lbs of dry sand), do I need to get a cleaning crew right away?? i figured i would get the cleaning crew as soon as the diatoms and/or initial algea outbreak happends. If i get the cleaning crew now, they would starve to death. Thoughts??

As far as my stocking list, please help me figure out the order in which to get them in.

Benggai cardinal
Purple firefish
Green or diamond gobi
picaso or B/W clown
Flame angle
red scooter blenny
copperband butterfly
Royal gramma

BTW...I have a 40b
Same here congratulations time to celebrate your patients. I went ahead and threw in 10 hermit crabs and a Benggai cardinal and parameters have been great for 2 days now. The crabs have been eating the stuff that drops to the bottom helping keep the sand bed clean. Clown fish are my next purchase :)
Congrats Erik. Good choice on the cardinal. I think that would be mine first purchase too. what are you feeding him??
New life spectrum for marine and the instant ocean seaweed blend it came with the salt. He's been nibbling but still getting use to the tank.
I wanted to get the new life spectrum too but could not find it at the lfs. I ended up getting the natures ocean formula A pellets instead. Ill end up making my own seafood mix in a week or so.
Yeah I got lucky and got the last pack of it at my Lfs. You make your own food? Are there any good fish stores in the city? I'm here n CNY and curious to some other stores in NYS.
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