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Dec 25, 2006
Queens, NY
I recently purchased very fine sand. Even though my intake tubes are about 5 inches up, should I buy sponges for the intakes? If so, where do I get them?

Or, should I just make the intake higher, to say about...9 inches from the sand? Will this prevent more dirt from being sucked up?
I heard people/read that people who use fine sand in aquariums use sponges for the intakes to help prevent the fine sand from getting into the filter. Now I don't have any fine sand in my aquariums, but that is what I have heard/read.

This is what I think you are looking for.

I have also read that sponge filter store beninfical bacteria. So if you ever need to setup a hospital tank, just pop one of those off the intake and place it on the intake in the hostpital tank, and you got beninfical bacteria to help out also.
What about using a portion of the sponges used in Aqua Clear filters? Would that work?
Pretty much any sponge that will fit over the intake should do the job. I have sand in one of my tanks that has a HOB filter and put a sponge over the intake to be on the safe side. The sponge I had was meant for a Maxi-Jet power head and does a great job.
Can I just cut a sponge in half that I already have, or should I buy a new one?
Make sure it is a new sponge and not one with chemicals on it.
One says I don't need to buy a new one, others do. Why can't I use the sponge from the AC thats on my 46?

I accidentally cut it a little short, but I don't think it'll be that big of a deal because anytime I look at debris going into the intake, it goes through the top. Did I do an alright job?
you don't have to, but any sponge, especially on a filter intake, can get pretty gross after a while, so rinsing it from time to time is probobly a good idea.
Well, my AC50 pretty much answered my own question last night. It started grinding like crazy, and unplugging and plugging back in and cleaning wouldn't work. I'll have to replace it. However, my tank is still crystal clear with just the XP2 running. If it stays that way for the next couple days maybe I won't replace it. I guess I should buy a replacement impeller for the XP2 just in case though.
My tank is staying clear with the XP2 running on it's own, since the AC50 impeller was ruined. Question...if the sand can get through the tiny holes on my fish net, does that mean it can get through the AC sponge as well? Don't forget, I think I have the finest possible sand. Thanks
With extremely fine sand it would be possible I suppose to get through the sponge but anything that small probably wouldn't cause any damage. One thing to remember about that sponge is not only does it mechanically block larger grains of sand from getting into the filter but, because of the much greater surface area, the water is drawn with much less force. This means that it is less likely to suck in particles than it was before.

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